Working Together


The genius that’s required to navigate the future of business resides within EVERY level of your organization, so our work together will start at the top and quickly penetrate your entire company.



As the CEO, you set the tone for your organization. If you show up—fully present, open and curious—that’s how others will start showing up. (On the other hand, if you’re closed off and confrontational, others will show up that way.) It all starts with you.

So that’s where we start: working with you to identify issues and priorities for inquiry and problem-solving, as well as to help you embody The Easier Way Formula™ so that it can successfully power your entire organization.

When I first started to work with Sue, I was chasing my tail and feeling like I couldn’t get any traction. Now, I am seeing the path laying out in front of me and it is lit like a runway.”
— KC


Our Business Model

While our services are priced commensurately with other top-tier consulting firms, our business model is different. Many consulting firms seem to come up with a never-ending series of projects so that they can continue working with you.

In contrast, we teach everyone in your organization how to do what we do so that you won’t need us anymore! (We don’t want you to get addicted to us. We want you to be totally empowered without us.)