Why This? Why Now?

We are in a time of serious transition. Everything is changing fast.

Every industry—from healthcare and education to banking, transportation and farming—is being and will continue to be disrupted.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to eliminate countless jobs.

Within this massive, rapid change, there is the possibility that some of the largest businesses on the planet will be decimated—along with their employees and suppliers, those people’s families, and even entire communities where offices and factories are shuttered.

There is also a much kinder possibility, and that’s our purpose at Easier Way, Inc. We are dedicated to facilitating a grace-full transition into the (very near) future.

We believe: Change is guaranteed. Suffering doesn’t have to be.

To facilitate change of this magnitude, we begin by transforming companies into high-functioning, uplifting spaces where people tune in to inspiration, collaborate (instead of competing) and innovate (instead of maintaining the status quo).

Together, we have the power to transform organizations into life-enhancing enterprises so that people, communities and the planet can thrive.



Let’s face it, most organizations function in a way that defies logic: Their policies and politics suck the life out of their people.

What we really want is to inspire and energize people, so they can—and want to—contribute more.



Why The Easier Way Formula™ Makes Things Easier

So many people today are suffering from data overload and “analysis paralysis.”

Even more people are holding back, instead of giving their all at work, because of corporate in-fighting and politics, information silos and myriad other “culture issues.”

We know that people want to:

  • Feel seen, heard and appreciated

  • Experience a sense of belonging

  • Contribute to something greater than themselves

Applying The Easier Way Formula™ removes the barriers to this within your company.

It enables us to see what’s really going on—and what to do about it.

It allows us to chart a clear path forward in an extraordinarily powerful way.