Coaching / Self-Actualization

Through her work with leaders, as well as her writing and media appearances, Easier Way CEO Sue Elliott has empowered and uplifted millions.

Sue currently offers Coaching / Self-Actualization Packages to a very limited number of clients.


Note: This is NOT your typical business (or life) coaching.

Sue is a consciousness catalyst.

If you work with Sue, she will help you tune in to your true power and potency.

Plus, she will help you release whatever is in the way of you being that every day: a magnificent expression of your highest self.

“Sue Elliott is an incredible seer. Whether you want to feel into the future of your industry or understand your life better, Sue can help you like no one else on the planet.”
— Leader of a Tech Startup

Consciousness vs. enlightenment

This work is NOT about becoming conscious. You already are pure consciousness.

And ... you’re having a human experience, which can include moments of doubt, fear, stress, grief, overwhelm.

So the process is one of “coming home to yourself.” It’s about enabling you to live as your “best and highest self” in human form.

This is not a process of learning. Rather, it’s a process of releasing: letting go of everything that’s not really you.

It feels like remembering. Reconnecting.

And it feels liberating.

It’s enlightenment in a very literal sense: You feel lighter when you let go of “baggage”—also known as “density.”

“It’s a spiritual cleanse!”
— CEO of a Manufacturing Company

Releasing Density

The kind of baggage/density Sue can help you shed includes limiting beliefs, which are simply false conclusions you’ve reached (or been taught) about yourself and others.

Sue also has an uncanny ability to connect dots that have never been connected before. She effortlessly spots—and then dissolves:

  • Blind spots

  • Triggers

  • Dysfunctional patterns

* * *

Just imagine: a world in which no one can push your buttons, because you no longer have any buttons to push!

This keeps you securely in your power.

Now imagine a world in which you’re naturally focused in the present moment, without distraction…

Where you’re doing the things that achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort…

The Easier way

Working with Sue feels surprisingly easy—and even conversational. Yet we’re talking about permanent change.

If you work with Sue, you will be clearing out a lifetime (or more!) of stuff that no longer serves you.

It’s hard to put a value on this kind of transformation. It can lead to feeling like you have:

  • More hours in the day

  • More energy

  • Less stress

  • Greater ease and peace

  • More joy

  • More fulfillment

  • Deeper, more connected relationships

After working with Sue, people sometimes say that it feels like the Universe / Life / the Infinite is “rolling out the red carpet” in front of them wherever they go: They show up in the right place at the right time, and they meet the right people.

EVERYTHING gets easier, and life is filled with more surprise and delight.

“When I first started to work with Sue, I was chasing my tail and feeling like I couldn’t get any traction. Now, I am seeing the path laying out in front of me and it is lit up like a runway.”
— Founder of Several Successful Companies

the 6-Month Package

Because this is very deep work, Sue only works with a maximum of five clients at a time. This enables her to be truly available and accessible for each person. The initial engagement is for six months, and then you may choose to continue working with Sue on a quarterly basis.

Sue’s clients have guided her to structure the work like this:

  • Two regularly scheduled (50 minute) sessions each month

  • Up to five “Help now!” (aka “The sh** just hit the fan!”) calls each month (10 minutes each), which you can schedule via text whenever you really need Sue. Think of these as up to 5 short sessions each month—and they’re amazing: This is when you’ll do a lot of your deepest work!

  • Unlimited email access to Sue for check-ins, questions, accountability and whatever else may serve you

  • Regular homework and practical processes you can use to transform every aspect of your world

For the Six-Month Easier Way Transformation Program, you have the choice of making:

  • Six payments of $3,333

  • Or you can save 20% by making one payment of $15,998