How I Showed Up in the Right Place at the Right Time

By Sue Elliott


A few years ago, I was looking into a new venture: a bottled water business. This was (and is) a very crowded market segment, so I was doing my due diligence to determine if this particular business model had enough potential to move forward.

I have a friend who owns a regional bottled water business, and he had supplied me with a lot of relevant data on the financial side. So, at the time, I was busy evaluating consumer demand and distribution opportunities.

Tuning In to Inspiration

On this particular day, I was working from home, alone, and I felt like going out to a nice restaurant to sit at the bar, have an appetizer and a glass of wine, and chat with whomever was sitting next to me. (I love meeting new people, and I always enjoy good conversation over great food and wine!)

Since I was already using The Easier Way Formula™ in my day-to-day life, I stopped for a moment to do Step 3: Tune in to inspiration.

As I tuned in, I thought about a restaurant near me, and it felt “flat.” There was no energy calling me toward it.

So I considered another restaurant. Also flat.

Then I thought about a third restaurant and, all of a sudden, I felt lots of energy. It felt like a definite Yes!

Taking Inspired Action

Since the inspiration was guiding me toward Restaurant #3, I headed right over there (Step 4 in The Easier Way Formula™: Take inspired action).

When I walked into the bar area, there was only one seat open, so I sat in it. (I love that kind of easy decision!) A few minutes later, the people sitting next to me left, and a married couple sat down in their places.

Soon enough, the three of us were chatting about food and wine and local restaurants that we love. (Step 1 in The Easier Way Formula™: Show up—fully present and open—in every moment.)

After a little while, the wife asked me what sort of work I did. Since I was knee deep in due diligence around the bottled water business, that’s what I told them about, and they asked some great questions.

Like Magic!

And then something magical happened: I found out that the gentleman sitting next to me was the regional president of Whole Foods!

As you might have guessed: Whole Foods was the #1 retailer on our “target list” for this bottled water business. And here I was, getting priceless insights about which region of Whole Foods we should launch into, as well as how to roll out the product nationally.

This wonderful man literally told me EXACTLY what I needed to know in order to make an informed decision about the bottled water business.

As I look back on that “chance encounter” (as if there were such a thing!), I can’t help but think: If I had tried to set up a meeting with this man through “normal business channels,” chances are incredibly slim that I would have gotten an audience with him … let alone over an hour of his time.

But by tuning in to inspiration and taking inspired action, I wound up sitting in exactly the right seat … at exactly the right restaurant … at exactly the right time.

I love sharing this story because it’s such a perfect example of how life unfolds when we use The Easier Way Formula™: Time and time again, it works like magic!