We’re #1! Oh Wait... Now We’re #2

By Sue Elliott


I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing sales team for a well-known luxury brand.

BEFORE we worked together, this team had been bouncing back and forth between being the #1 sales team in the world for this product line and being the #2 sales team. It went this way for years: Now we’re #1. Oh wait… Now we’re #2.

Discovering the Cause

One day, during a casual conversation with the leader of this team, I spotted the cause for this fluctuation.

It was a surprisingly “little” thing. It seemed so innocuous.

You see, the leader of this sales team told me how much he loved “rooting for the underdog.”

It’s a common theme in our culture, illustrated so well by the wildly successful Rocky movies.

A “Hidden Limit”

But here’s the thing: The leader’s love for the underdog was a “hidden limit” that was causing his team to BECOME the underdog.

This gave them the opportunity to “come from behind” and triumph over the leader … again, and again, and again.

Clearly, this was a pattern that didn’t serve the leader, his team or the business overall. So, just as soon as we spotted this “underdog pattern,” we dissolved it on the spot.

Since then, this team has remained solidly in the #1 sales position, worldwide!

(Wouldn’t it be fun to discover the seemingly innocuous “hidden limits” that are affecting you and your organization?!)