Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every decision was this easy?

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When we become centered and clear—and tune in to broader awareness—we can feel our way forward with ease and grace.

After many, many years of practice, we’ve distilled this down into a 4-step process, which we call The Easier Way Formula.


The Easier Way Formula™ is elegantly simple:

  1. Show up—fully present and open—in every moment.

  2. Ask powerful questions.

  3. Tune in to inspiration.

  4. Take inspired action.



Step 1: Show Up

Step 1 in The Easier Way Formula™ requires readiness and mindfulness. It takes some inner work to show up—fully present and open—in every moment. Among other things, we need to be good listeners (hearing what is and isn’t being said). We need to let go of cognitive biases (including ideas of how things “should” be). And we need to get rid of hot buttons, blind spots and other “triggers.”


Step 2: Ask

Step 2 involves a shift in mindset. Rather than trying to “get to the bottom of things” or “have all the answers,” we get curious. We learn to ask powerful questions: the kind of questions that get people to open up and see the world differently. Questions enable us to tap into the wisdom and power of the team … and they open the door for all of us to receive inspiration.


Step 3: Tune in to Inspiration

Step 3 involves recognizing that we each have a limited perspective. None of us can see everything that’s happening, everywhere, all the time. That’s why we tune in to a broader awareness, which arrives in the form of inspiration: including “aha! moments,” intuitive guidance, mind-blowing insights, new clarity, obvious next steps and so much more.


Step 4: Take Inspired Action

We’re all familiar with “motivated action.” It’s the way most of us have been taught to work: Set a goal, then chunk it down into ever-smaller steps.

Each day, force yourself to take those steps—and do all the other things on your To Do List—so you can check things off and feel like you’re making progress.

Quite simply: The world is changing too fast to keep working this way.



There’s a reason “Take inspired action” is Step 4 in The Easier Way Formula™. Inspired action follows inspiration!

Rather than a constant stream of doing, doing, doing (busy-ness), instead we pause, tune in to inspiration and receive guidance on the next most productive move.

Sometimes, an inspiration feels huge: like when we receive an idea for a brand-new product or a whole new market to move into.

Other times, an inspiration seems incredibly mundane: like “go to the bathroom at the other end of the building”—because on the way back, we’re going to “run into” the one person who has the answer to the question we were just pondering.

The more we tune in to inspiration and take inspired action, the more we access profound power.